Blooket Dashboard | An Overview

Have you observed other educational platforms? If yes, no other platform offers you such a great experience as blooket. It is wide up many subjects, makes them interactive using its gaming modes, and adds value with its tools. 

Flexibility and user-friendly experience attract users to learn and explore more about blooket. Are you curious about the blooket dashboard? Here, we will explain the blooket dashboard step by step, so let’s know more about it!

Exploring Blooket Dashboard

Utilizing the blooket dashboard, you can easily explore its tools and features and enhance your learning. Here, we will describe each part of the blooket dashboard:

Create Button

The create button enables you to create your question sets using visual media, importing questions from Quizlet, and helps users to make their content valuable.

Discover Button

You can also use question sets made by other mentors for hosting your students, assigning them homework, or playing individually. You can also search questions by searching in searching bar.

My Sets Button

It parts give you acces to your created question set. You can also search for your set title in the search box. If you use a premium blooket account, create a blooket folder.

Favorites Section

If you favor any sets from Discover, the set section will show you here. If you didn’t favorite any question set, you will see IMAGE, giving you the option to favorite set.

History Section

Your game hosting history will appear here; polish your knowledge if you host any game. It doesn’t show on mobile phones.

Homework Section

Here, you can see all the homework you were assigned and can access them.

Play Button

Clicking on Play will direct you new page where you can put the ID provided by the host to play the education game.

Setting Section

In the settings section, you will see your account details, including username, email, account type, and upgrade account. You can also edit your user name in the Edit profile section. Requesting to reset your password also you see here, if you forget password.

You can also switch your account type that switching as student or teacher. Deleting your account permanently option you will find here.

The setting section also gives you information on social links like blooket. You can also contact blooket through the email provided in the settings section.

Stat Section

The stats button gives access to all your progress reports, score, blooket tokens, unlocked blooks, games you played, games you won, the correct answer you gave, etc. At the top, you will see an unlock blook; you can buy it by paying the token you earned.

Blooks Section

Players use These small characters of animals and people in their icons. In the blooks section, you will see free blooks and also categories of blooks for pets and animals in the show pack. You can also purchase blooks from the blooket market.

Market Section

Here, you can buy attractive blooks by using tokens that you earned during gameplay, to use them.

News Section

You can find the latest news about it from the blooket community in this part.


If you want to use the premium features of blooket, you can upgrade your account by paying a small amount of money.


At the top corner, you can see your username; hover on it and click Logout.

Blooket Dashboard | Without Blooket Account

If you don’t sign up on blooket, you see Play, login, Signup, and Get Started links on the blooket dashboard and other blooket information.

  • You can play the blooket game by placing an ID hosted by an educator.
  • You can log in to your blooket account if you have one.
  • Get Started will direct you to the signup page to create a blooket account. 

Blooket is easy to use. Users with having account can enjoy and learn education from their mentor, and also, those students can join it who don’t want to make their account on Blooket or don’t have an account. 


Blooket gives an amazing experience; if you are a new learner, just starting with blooket not only enhances your knowledge but makes you professional. It provides a comprehensive solution to any problem you find by real-time experience.

Frequently Asked Question

It is a learning platform that makes you eligible to create new games for your comrades or students by using blooket helping tools to skill up them. It can be played with teams and individually.

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