Blooket Seasonal Packs

Are you excited to know what Blooket offers on special days like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc.? Blooket covers various subjects and adds a touch of the game to make learning a joy for the students after joining it. It always encourages students to learn, but does Blooket provide educators with interactive things at festivals?

Blooket offers seasonal packs at special festivals. We have ever wondered users uses Gummy Bear, Spring Frog, and Lovely Planet-like characters, which are not available on regular days. Blizzard, Spooky, Lovely Box, Spring Box, etc, are packs that blooket offer at special season. So let’s discuss them:

What are Blooket Seasonal Packs?

 Blooket provides seasonal packs on special days to make learning attractive, and the themes were designed according to those days. Following are seasonal packs Blooket offers:

Blooket Seasonal Packs

Spooky Pack

Also known as Spooktober, it is a box you can find on Halloween in October. Its theme is designed for Halloween. Its blooks and cookies feature Monstral Brwal and Fishing Frenzy. The colored Gummy bear is chroma with a drop rate of 0.02%. Pumpkin, Swamp Monster, and Vampire are blooks of this box. You can buy it by paying the token you earned during that festival.

Blooket Spooky Pack


Halloween originated from the old Celtic festival and is observed as a holiday every year on 31 October.

Blizzard Pack

On Christmas, Blooket gives a Blizzard pack using the theme of Christmas. It is available from December to early January. Santa Claus, Snowman, Gingerbread House, etc., are blocks. Colored Snowman Sweaters are the rarest charms, with a drop rate of .02%, and Countries Snow Globes have a drop rate of 0.05%.

Blooket Blizzard Pack


Christmas is a festival observed by Christians every year on 25 December to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Christians celebrate it every day with fully devotion. On this day Blooket offer special pack for kids.

Lovely Pack

On the Day of Love, Valentine’s Day, the lovely pack is only available on 14 February. You can purchase or sell it with 500 to 1500 tokens. The theme was designed with the idea of love. Lovely Frog, Lovely Peacock, and Lovely Planet are chromas available in this box.

Valentin’s Day

It is the day lovers can express their feelings to their partner. Every year, it is celebrated on 14 February.

Spring Pack

You can find it at the start of spring during easter. It is the fantastic pack you can get with 1000 Tokens. The theme is based on easter spring. Spring frog is a chroma you can find in it with a 100% drop rate.

Chroma Spring frog


It’s a festival celebrated by Christians in spring, at the end of March or the start of April. Its date is not fixed; it depends on the moon.

Lucky Pack

This pack, which has a theme based on Saint Patrick’s Day, can be bought with 500 tokens on 17 March. Lucky Frog is its chroma; you can also buy it with Lucky Hamster for 1500 coins.

Lucky Frog Chroma

Saint Patrick Day

Christians celebrate it in honor of Saint Patrick on 17 March every year.

Lovely Planet

Lovely Planet

It is chroma available on 14 February, Valentine’s Day, every year; it is not available in the Lovely pack. You can buy it with 500 tokens, and the drop rate is 100%.

Lucky Hamster

Lucky Hamster Chroma

You can find it on 17 March at Saint Patrick’s Day by paying 500 tokens. It is the chroma of the Hamster look you can find in the Pet Pack.

Chocolate Rabbit

Chocolate Rabbit Chroma

It releases on easter. You can get it with 500 tokens during easter, with a 100% drop rate. Chocolate rabbit is a chroma of Rabbit Blook in Pet Pack. Its color is chocolatey and has a rabbit shape.


At th end, you have an idea of a seasonal pack of blooket. They are available during special days to make learning captivating. Blooket gives amazing and interesting stuff to their educator to engage them all over the year. Not only builds interest but also allows students to learn about festivals in the world.

Frequently Asked Question

Blooket offers Blizzard on Christmas days with interesting blooks, i.e., Hot Chocolate, Gingerbread House, Snowman, Santa Claus, etc., and Coloured Sweater Snowman (Elf Sweater Snowman, Red Sweater Snowman, etc.

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