Blooket Host | How To Host Blooket?

Everyone wants to share their knowledge, but how without blooket host? If you want to engage the audience with your content and add value to it to make it more interesting, use the blooket gaming template. You can share your valued knowledge content with your audience by hosting a blooket game.

Hosting your customized content on blooket will not only improve your learning, but you can also engage an audience using gaming features. Now you wonder how to host a blooket session? So your fellow can participate in the session. Here, we will guide you properly. Stay tuned with us!

How To Host Blooket Game

If you are a teacher or student and want to host a blooket game to enlighten your skills, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Step 1

A Blooket account is necessary to host a blooket game. If you have a blooket account so, log in. Otherwise, you need to sign up blooket by visiting the official website.

  • Step 2

After logging in, you will see:

Select Question set and click on Host
Teacher Dashboard : Select your question set in My Sets section

If you want to create your new question set, select “Create a Set”, or if you want to use your pre-maid question set, select them from “My Set.”  

Otherwise, choose the “Discover” option. Here, you find many options: quiz-based questions, mathematics, science, trues false, etc. Select the question you want, open the question set, preview it, and click the host button.

  • Step 3

After Choosing the question set, you will find different game modes like Crypto Hack, Fishing Frenzy, Tower Defense, etc. Select any game mode related to the lesson.

Select Blooket game mode
Select Blooket Game Mode after choosing question set
  • Step 4

You can select the game timer, or the gold reaches to end the game. Whether you use gold reaching or time limits, it’s in your court.

  • Step 5

Every game modes have there specific setting related to their theme. Either you can use timer, set gold reches, ifishing weights etc. After it  you have you have to customize other options: 

  • Shows instructions will allow your user to see all the instructions about the game before the game starts.
  • Late joining allows students to join the game even after the game starts.
  • User can use their nickname when you turn off the Random name settings.
  • Allow student account enables students to buy blooks and different items during the game.
Fishing Frenzy Game mode setting : Set blooket game setting
Fishing Frenzy Game mode setting
  • Step 6

After these settings, click on the host button. Have a big smile; you successfully hosted a game.

You will see the screen where you find the QR code and Game ID and create a host link. You can share this screen with your class.

Students can join the blooket game by scanning the QR Code, entering the Game ID, or clicking on the link shared by the host through message or email. You can also mute music by pressing on the top corner. Also, make your full screen.

Blooket Game ID and Link
Blooket Game ID and Link teacher got after hosting a session

In this way you can host a blooket game.

How to host a blooket game : Step by step guide
How to host a blooket game : Step by step guide

Watch video if still you have a question.

The Requirement to Host a Blooket Game

To host a blooket game, you require:

Blooket Account

First, you must have a blooket account to log in or create a new account by following the sign-up process.

Internet Connection

Well internet connection is necessary for hosting and playing a blooket game.

Question Sets

Selection question sets made by yourself or use other pre-made question sets available on blooket.


You need a targeted audience that you want to host the game to share your knowledge.

Why Educators Love Blooket

Blooket is a unique platform where students can learn, new things in happy enjoying mode. It connects learning with games, which makes students more interested in it. Mentor can use gaming templates to customize their value content accordingly. Students have also loved it because it changed education into joyful learning.

Its user friendly dashboard interacts with students to learn more. One of the best things is that it offers special packs on special days that attract an audience.

Make Your Blooket Hosting Experience Successful

Teaching always helps to improve knowledge and skills. When you host a gaming session on blooket, it will enhance your confidence. Let’s discuss some strategies that will help to boost your ideas by hosting a blooket game:

Knowledge About Your Audience

You need to know about your audience’s education level. Will the audience perform better in the session? Will this session make them confident? Make sure your audience is engaged during the session.

Use Media

Video, images, documents, and audio add value to your make. It will make your content interesting and engaging.

Explain your Topic

Explain your topic so your student can get points easily and not be bored during the session.

Get Reviews from Users

After completing each session, get student reviews to polish your skills and learner weak points. It will greatly impact your and your audience’s learning.

How to Use Blooket Hosting Outside the Classroom

Its usage is not only limited to the classroom but can host blooket on different platforms:


Business Development Sessions

Industries always want to their workers’ interests. Companies provide training programs to enhance employee skills; blooket gaming increases their skills and develops their interest in learning.

Seminars and Workshops

You can host blooket in live seminars and workshops to engage the audience; its tools attract users and add value to the information you want to provide. 


As an educator, sharing your knowledge by hosting improves your learning and makes you confident. Blooket hosting offers facilitating opportunities to both learners and educators. You can improve your students’ performance by providing them with gaming-based learning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can host blooket by signing up on blooket. Now, choose the question set, customize it, and select game modes. Now host blooket after setting a timer and to audience to share your worthy know with your classmates.

Yes, you can easily host blooket on your tablet and mobile phone because its interface is user-friendly.

Hosting games on blooket as a teacher is quite simple. Login to your account if you want to create your own question sets, create them, and choose game mode. Otherwise, click on Discover after signing in, select the question set and game modes, and host it.

Yes, you can customize questions in blooket to fulfill your user needs.

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