Blooket Sign Up | As a Teacher or Student

Do you want to participate in gamification-based learning and are excited to be ready for fun engagement sessions using blooket? And also want to improve your skill by sharing it with fellows so you can do it by blooket Sing up.

Blooket provides interactive gaming learning, which develops an interest in newbies to explore. You can enjoy fun learning, host classes, and join by signing up. Look at Blooket Sing up; how can we make an account on it?

How to Sign Up on Blooket?

You can sign up on blooket if you are a teacher or a student.

Blooket Sign Up for a Teacher

  • Step 1

Visit the website will the Sign Up buttton, click on it.

Click on Sign up to create account on blooket
After visiting click on “Sign Up” to creat account on Blooket
  • Step 2

Clicking on the “Sign Up” button will direct you to where you will find two methods. Either you can sign up with a Google account or use Gmail.

Sign up blooket account through email
Sign up blooket account through email

Sign Up with a Google Account

If you have a Google account and have access to the account, you select the Google Account option. If a Google account is signed in in your browser, clicking it will take you next step. 

Otherwise, you need to Enter the email or use another account and password of Google account after tapping on it.

Sign Up with Email

 If you don’t use the Google account option, create your account by clicking on “Sign up with Email.” Enter your email and highlight “ I can receive Email.” Remember, you can use the first method if your Google account doesn’t receive an email.

Write an email that receives any emails and press “Send Verification Code.” Check your email and write that code to confirm it.

  • Step 3

Here, you can choose a unique username for your account. That you can enter while logging into blooket again.

Select Blooket Username and mark you are 13+
Select Username and agree the online privacy rules

Note: If you are under 13, you can not sign up due to Online privacy regulations. In this case, your parent could help you.

Now you will see the screen where you find “Who are you”, choose teacher.

Select account status
Select account status whether you are a Teacher or Student

You can create your question and discover where you use other user-available question sets, and enjoy!

Blooket Sign up as a Student

To sign up on blooket, follow the first 3 steps mentioned above. Choosing a unique user name, you select Student when you see the “Who are you” page. Now tell me, was it not simple? Yes, it was easy. 

How to Blooket Signup
How to Sing Up Blooket

Now you can play games, create a game and play it with your class fellows or students by hosting a blooket game. You can join blooket live sessions using game ID. This platform provides creative learning for its users. You can also increase your experience by staying updated, which helps you add value to your knowledge. If you still confused watch video to solve your quries about signing up blooket.


In short, creating an account on blooket allows you to enjoy blooket adventures by sharing your learning and excelling in your knowledge. You can sign up on blooket by following easy steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you forget blooket blooket password, click on “forget password”. 
  • Enter the email you were registered on blooket.
  • Check your email; you will find the blooket password reset code. 
  • Write it and create a strong password.

You can join it anywhere you need internet, device, and invitation ID.

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