Blooket Solo | How to Play a Solo Game on Blooket?

Do you want to improve your game on blooket? Or are you interested in getting a token in blooket to unlock blooks? You can empower your skills by playing blooket games on blooket solo. 

Blooket allows users to play games individually without joining the game. You can increase strategies in your methods to play well by using Blooket Solo.

How to Play a Solo Game on Blooket?

If you want to perform well, you need a practice that you can do with blooket solo.

For performing well on blooket you need improved skills that you can do by practicing on blooket solo. Follow these steps to explore how to play a solo game game on blooket:

1- Login or Signup

Login to the blooket account if you have one. Otherwise, You can sign up on blooket with simple steps.

Signup or Login to Blooket

2- Selecting Question Sets

Blooket provides you with many game modes to play; you can choose your created sets can be accessed by the “My Set” button. Clicking the “Discover” button will direct you to another page to find other mentors-created sets you can use.

Selecting My Sets

For Teaching Account

If you are a teacher you can play a solo game with your customized question. 

  • First, click on “ My Sets” in your dashboard. 
  • Hover over the setting part of the sets you want to play; you will see Solo click on it.
Select My Sets from Teacher Dashboard

For Student Account

Click the “My Sets” button to access the new page to find solo options for your created set.

Select Question Sets - Student Dashboard

Select Question Sets From Discover

Teacher and Student Account

  • Choose a question set by the Discover option. 
  • Find the question set and also search for it in the search box.
  • Click on it and select “Solo.”

3- Choosing Game Mode

After selecting question sets, now choose the game mode. Blooket solo can be played in 7 game modes:

  • Tower of Defense
  • Tower of Defense 2
  • Monster Brawl
  • Factory
  • Cafe
  • Crazy Kingdom
  • Tower of Doom

4- Start Game

Click on “Start game” or “New Game”.

Click on Start a Game

5- Choose Blook

Now, choose your favourite character, blooks, for your icon.

6- Select Map

Pick the map you like to play with.

7- Select Difficulty

Select the difficulty you want to play easy or difficult.

Successfully you joined by staying tunning with us; now you can practice games and perform well in a team. You can also watch a tutorial about how to play a solo game on blooket.

Mastering Solo Game


Experimenting with games and applying new strategies will empower your skills with time. Consistency is key to success which helps to refine skills and develop critical thinking skills.

If you are facing an issue in some subject, then consistency will make you perfect with its solo game mode. Its main purpose is to increase your skills.

Learning from Mistakes

A well said: “Practice makes a man perfect”. Playing solo games empowers your skills every time you will learn from your mistakes. Adopting new strategies learned from mistakes will make you perfect.


Playing game solo you can improve your performance independently. Solo mode is beneficial for enhancing your thinking strategies for good outcomes. Student can empower their knowledge by playing games individually. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can not play blooket solo mode without an account.

You can improve your score by practicing consistently and implementing things you learned from practicing.

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