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If you want to empower your competitive skills and develop critical and strategic thinking to solve problems, you can do so by using the Blooket interactive game modes. Blooket is a platform that offers to learn with fun by adding a spicy touch to the game in education. It provides many game options. Every game mode gives a fascinating educational experience. So let’s explore each!

Blooket all game modes
Blooket game mode

Blooket Game Modes?

Blooket is an innovative learning platform that has revolutionized learning into a digital platform. It has a variety of game modes that make for exciting engagement. Currently, Blooket supports different game modes, which are unique in their features. Let’s discuss:

Classic Game Mode

Classic mode creates healthy competition and provides an attractive environment. The multiple-choice question is displayed on your screen, and the timer aims to boost your speed. It engages all students and is a good choice for newbies.

Classic Game Mode of Blooket
Classic Game mode : Fire Gem speed up going to 2nd number

Racing Game Mode

Racing, where the user answers questions instantly to compete with others, is the quick game mode. Students can end the game by answering the correct answers to all questions quickly. Answering four questions will give you power-ups that help push your opponent back to start the race from the start.

Blook racing in racing gam mode
Racing : Last blook asnwer quickly reaching the finishing line

Tower Defense

You build a safe tower by answering the right questions to resist the enemy’s attack. This tower defense game increases strategic thinking.

Player builds tower to save them from enemy waving
Player builds tower to save them from enemy waving

Gold Quest

Answer correctly to get gold. After answering correctly, you will see three chests. If you choose any of them, you will get a gold bonus. These chests sometimes give you the option to steal gold from others.

Answer correct to get gold in blooket game
Choose a gold box to get gold

Cafe Game Mode

In cafe mode, students can open and unlock food for each correct answer. After serving these dishes to customers, they will get coins to buy blooket items.

Player serving breakfast to guest
Player serving meal to guest

Tower of Doom

It is like a card-based game that uses dungeons or dragons. You have to choose 1 card after each correct answer. After getting some cards, you have to set the cards on the right path, which will lead you to winning. You can also get coins to beat the enemy. It is used to play solo or for home assignments.

Choose a Card (Tower of Doom)
Tower of Doom : Choose a card

Monster Brawl

Survival-based game in which, on the correct answer, you have to survive the monster and collect crystals to level up.

Player surviving from enemy attack
Player surviving himself from enemy attack

Deceptive Dinos

It’s like a crypto hack, in which, on the correct answer, you have two options: excavate or investigate. The excavate option will give you four options. Three options are rocks. By clicking on it, you will get fossils (Points). Clicking on “Cheat,” you can scan the rock to see how many fossils are in it but don’t do that. If you click on cheating, and if the other player clicks on the Investigate option, he will see that you are a cheater and bunch out you. Its idea is based on finding cheaters.

Crazy Kingdom

It’s adventure-based learning. In this, you can increase your kingdom’s confined assets by answering correctly to keep the kingdom running. The four goods are happiness, Gold, Air, and People. You make sure nothing coils to zero and make your state run by answering correctly.

Save the kingdom
Save the Kingdom

Battle Royal

Players face opponents by answering the questions. It developed strategies for competition by playing this mode. It ends with only one player left. If you answer fast, you could win the battle.

Fishing Frenzy

It is an exciting game where, with the correct answer to the question, you can catch weighted fish. It gives an attractive fishing experience to get knowledge with fun. Consecutively answering the question, you will get a lure that helps you to catch big fish.

Player is catching a fish
Blook is fishing a fish

Blook Rush

It encourages friendly competition. Students can defend their team or themselves by providing the correct answer, and they can also attack opponents to weaken their defense and win the game. It encourages students to think quickly and answer.

On the correct answer, you will get the “Attack” or “Defend: option. The attack will proceed you to bear off their shields. You can seal opponent blook if they have zero shields. You can increase your defense by clicking on defend.

Defend or attack
Player have option to attack enemy or defend himself

Crypto Hack

It’s quite an exciting mode in which you can weaken the opponent’s defense by answering the right question. You can steal their crypto by guessing their password. You can mine crypto by answering.

Choose output to hack other
Choose crypto output

Factory Game Mode

In this game mode, you can get blooks after every three correct answers and can also use these blooks to buy virtual items.

Build factory by giving correct answer
Player is creating there factory

Tower of Defense 2

It’s an upgraded version of the Tower of Defense. Players can build towers for their defense to save from the enemy waving the enemy. Towers are actually blooks.

Save yourself by building tower
Build tower to save from enemy attack

Pirate’s Voyage ( For Premium Account)

It’s similar to Monster Brawl, in which answering correctly gives you a dice. Rolling the dice gives you a number; sail your ship according to that number. When you safely land on Island, you will get Doubloons.

Blooket Pirate Vogue
Player will sail his ship according to dice number

Candy Crush (Seasonal)

It’s like the Gold Quest game played during Halloween. When you give the correct answer, you get three pumpkins, whereas in the Gold Quest, you see a chest. Choosing one, you will get candies.

Santa’s Workshop (Seasonal)

It is a seasonal game. On the correct answer, you see the get option: +5 toys, +15 toys, 25 toys, etc., and also get +1, +5, +25 toys per question. You can also double or triple your toys. Students love to play it.

Watch video to know get information about blooket game modes.

How to Choose the Right Blooket Game Mode

The educator’s preferences can select the correct game mode. Consider the following element before selecting game mode:

Learning Objectives

First, you need to point out the objective you want to achieve from Blooket. Whether you are enrolling for critical thinking, strategic development, achieving fast responsive time, increasing knowledge, etc., Blooket has many game modes you can try before clearing your goal.

Students Engagement

Students’ interests matter because some like adventures, some like interactive modes, and some like strategic modes. To enhance student engagement, you have to know the educators’ interests before selecting a game mode.

Subject Relevancy

You must select a game mode relevant to your subject. The Classics mode is suitable for gaining knowledge. Other modes are good, but it is your choice.

Time Restriction

Some blooket games take more time, like Tower of Defense; some fast games take a short time to end the time. Make sure you have enough time before choosing the game mode.

Student Feedbacks

Gathering feedback from students while selecting game mode helps you to understand their interests. Students’ engagement will increase. 

Which Blooket Game Modes are the Best?

Actually, it’s up to you. What do you want to learn? Or what do you want to give to your child? It doesn’t come from our analysis or our thinking. But here, we will provide you with some details that will make you capable of selecting the best game mode after signing up on blooket.

In the world, many people exist with different interests. Keeping these people interested in mind blooket developers designed many game modes that gave unique ideas.

  • To learn competitively, we suggest Classic Mode.
  • If you want race to beat the opponent by answering quickly, you need to go with race.
  • Blooket Tower Defense is good for developing strategies for beating the enemy.
  • For fishing lovers, Fishing Frenzy is best.
  • The cafe also captivates waitresses to feed guests.
  • Deceptive Dionas is innovative in catching cheaters.
  • Blooket also offers surveillance games like Monster Brawl.
  • Gold Quest is also a unique and flexible game.

Every game mode is best, but its unique features make it unique. Now, you decide which games are best.


Many game modes make Blooket enjoyable. It provides education with an attractive touch of games that help educators participate and enjoy themselves. It develops strategic thinking, boosts quick response, and helps in gaining knowledge. It changes the old way of learning to modern learning, where you can gain knowledge from anywhere. Rewarding makes it competitive to the love of students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can play Blooket with different game modes individually or as part of a team. Mentors can assign tasks individually so you can work independently and also motivate you to work in groups.

We don’t say anything because it depends on personal interest. I like Race and Tower of Defense because they are strong, fast-paced, and competitive.

Yes, teachers can mark student performance and score in Blooket, which helps to improve weak points accordingly.

Currently, Blooket offers more than 18 game modes, two of which can be used solo or with assigned homework. Two game modes are seasonal and only available on specific occasions.



Tower of Defense

Gold Quest


Tower of Doom

Monster Brawl 

Deceptive Dinos

Pirate’s Voyage (For Premium Account)

Crazy Kingdom

Battle Royal

Fishing Frenzy

Blook Rush 

Crypto Hack


Tower of Defence 2

Candy Crush (Seasonal)

Santa’s Workshop (Seasonal)

These are the game modes in blooket.

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