Blooket VS Gimkit | Which One is Best?

In this revolutionary world where every field of life is changing, education has also been changed by integrating interactive features. People of different ages are conscious best learning environment while selecting an education platform when they have many options like Blooket, Gimkkit, etc.

Blooket and Gimkkit are both educational platforms that aim to enhance student learning but come with different features. Their features always make them unique from other platforms like kahoot, quizezz, etc. After reading this article, you will be able to choose an attractive learning platform, Blooket or Gimkit.

Blooket VS Gimkit: Which one is best?

Let’s see both Blooket and Gimkit as both are educational learning platforms providing interactive learning.

Overview of Blooket and Gimkit


Blooket is a captivating learning platform that attracts students of all ages to learn with games. It offers many features that attract students to learn, especially on specific days, easter, etc, and offers special packs.


Same like a blooket, gimkit also a amazing learning platform allow students to use virtual currency to buy points that can be used to power-up their point and scores.

Features of Blooket and Gimkit

Blooket Features

Performance Report

Interesting features help students and parents track their kid’s weak points and try to do their best next time.

Captivating Gaming Modes

Blooket offers different game modes to enhance student’ capability to their best interests. Tower Defense, Crypto Hack, Crypto Hack, etc.

User Friendly

Blooket has a user-friendly interface that students of every age can easily use and can be accessible on every device, i.e., mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

Content Creation

Users can create new question sets and also customize pre maid question sets by customizing them.

Gimkit Features

Earning Money

Student can get virtual currency on correct answers that they can spend for their power boost and all others.

Live Customization

It allows the teachers to add or renew question sets during live sessions, which engage students’ interest and respond to real-time answers.


It is integrated with other learning platforms, such as Quizlet and Learning Management Systems (LMS), to enhance the teaching process.

Spending Currency

It allows users to buy themes and other game items by using digital currency they get by correct answering.

Pros and Cons of Blooket


  • Engage students of every age by providing extraordinary features.
  • Users can customize and create their question sets by adding media for a better understanding of their students.
  • Prepare students mentally prepare to solve critical problems.
  • Free versions offer many sets of students 60 students can play in the free version.


  • Specially designed for small kids interface doesn’t attract young kids.
  • Work well only in good internet connection areas.

Pros and Cons of Gimkit


  • Gimkit is easy to use, friendly interface.
  • Students can design their kits for engagement and participation.
  • It is integrated with LMS and other platforms for providing quality learning.


  • Costly for full sets of features.
  • Digital currency ideas distract students from learning.

Which Learning tool is best, Blooket OR Gimkit?


Blooket and Gimkit offer content customizations, but Blooket user-friendly interface has a great impact on content customization.


Blooket is a captivating platform that offers various game modes for users. Its gaming modes attract users to play. On the other hand, gimkit introduces the idea of digital currency to elder students.

Cost and Accessibility

Blooket offers many features free of cost but also has premium features that provide an interactive experience to its users. While Gimkit’s free features are limited, you have to buy a premium account if you are interested in enjoying all its features.


Gimkit is integrated with many learning platforms like LMS to make their education more unique and interactive. On the other blooket is simple and easy to use and can be integrated into the classroom.

Our Recommendation

If you are very interested in learning in a competitive environment and want to learn stimulatory and quick learning, blooket is a good option for you. However, Gimkit is also a good option for elder students because of its user-friendly interface and its currency ideas. Last but not least, blooket is an interesting platform attracts students to join blooket.

If you are still confuse watch video to make your cconcept clear while choosing learning platform.


Blooket and Gimkit are both interesting learning platforms that attract student with their features. But both are different from each other as in Gimkit, students can earn currency by answering correctly, which they can use for power-ups. Blooket will always be loveable and comes with interactive features that cover a variety of subjects. Student loves blooket due to its features.

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