Blooket VS Kahoot | Which one is Better ?

Traditional education is now transforming towards digital education. Choosing the best educational platform for your children is a bit difficult because many challenges take part in education. Different platforms come with various features, and selecting the best between them is difficult when you have two best options: blooket or Kahoot. Don’t worry. After reading this article, you will be able to select a better one.

Which one is good blooket or Kahoot

Blooket and Kahoot are both digital gamified education performing tools that have different interests and features. While selecting an education tool for engaging and attractive selection, you must be familiar with their features, which are below:

Overview of Blooket and Kahoot

Blooket Overview

Blooket is an amazing and interesting platform that provides an engaging learning tool to engage students with its gaming touch. Players can join Blooket with a code provided by their educator. There are many game modes in Blooket; a user can select any of them according to their interest. Each correct answer adds points and performance stats to their leaderboard, and they also play a blooket game after answering correctly. 

A student has the choice to unlock blooks of their interested packs, and sometimes, they get them during the game. These blooks and chroma can be used while joining the game, which makes a superb impression on their opponents. You know what? Sometimes opponents feel jealous when you have chroma and other mystical.

Overview of Kahoot

If we say Kahoot is the pioneer of gamified learning, then it will not be wrong. Kahoot is one of the pioneers of the gaming learning platforms. It has a user-friendly user platform. Not only kids but also students of the university love to use it and get knowledge from it. 

Here, teachers can prepare assignments for students and also can use pre-maid questions. Students can join it by simply entering a gaming PIN shared by their mentor.

Features of Blooket and Kahoot

Blooket Features

Blooks and Packs

Interesting features Blooket offers many characters to keep their user indeed. On different occasions, it provides special packs like Blizzard, spooky, etc., to keep its students interested.

Game Modes

Students can pick any of the game modes available at Blooket according to their interests, which aims to educate students.

Analytics and reports

It gives all reports of student performance to their user, due to which students can overcome their weak points.


It provides a customization option to its users so that they can create new content and also have the option to edit premade question sets.

Kahoot Features

Questions set

Kahot offers many question sets that can be used again by the user. The teacher can add value to the question sets according to their area of interest.

Traditional Question Format

Its question system is classy and provides statement competitive questions and multiple choice questions.

Interesting Mode

Kahoot of ghost mode: by using it, user can compete on their own and also can improve previous scores.


Kahoot is integrated with other education learning platforms like Microsoft LMS, etc. 

Pros and Cons of Blooket and Kahoot

Advantages and Disadvatanges of Blooket


  • Blooket offers many game modes that increase student engagement, and users can learn more from them.
  • A variety of question sets are available in Blooket that students can use.
  • Covered almost every subject.
  • More than one player plays Blooket instantly.


  • Most of the games are strategic and need a good sense of humor.
  • The free version of Blooket has limited resources.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kahoot


  • It gives amazing support and learning to all levels of students.
  • Most users go with the pre-maid set because of their reliability and good knowledge.
  • Give different modes for interesting competition for improving skill knowledge.


  • It is not user-friendly and has a complex user interface.
  • It’s costly, and not everyone can buy it as a premium plan.
  • Just 3 players can participate in its free version.

You can also take decision which gaming platform is good after watching this video.

Our Recommendation

Now, you are much more familiar with Blooket and Kahoot features. If you are searching for an attractive, engaging platform with a touch of the game, I recommend the book. With Blooket, you will learn many strategic techniques through their gaming mode, which will be helpful in your practical life.

But you can’t ignore Kahoot. As I mentioned, it is a pioneer gamified learning platform. Students of every age learn from this platform because of its amazing community support and sharing of knowledge.


Both platforms, blooket and Kahoot, offer attractive knowledge. Blooket has somehow edge over Kahoot because of its great user interface experience and its free version features. You can choose any one of them according to your needs because every step is designed for sharing valuable information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Both platforms provide quality learning based on your requirements. You can choose anyone. Blooket offers many features in its free plan and is easy to use.

Because Blooket has an interactive interface, attracts users, and provides promised content.

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