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Are you excited to enhance your experience by practicing on blooket so you can with blooket login? Blooket combines education with fun, which attracts educators. Suppose you want to unlock the blooket feature; you can by blooket login. We recommend you follow the steps we provide to log in to blooket easily. 

How to Login on to Blooket

Logging in to blooket will give you access to look over it. Follow the simple tutorial to log in to blooket:

  • Step 1

You have to get access to Google Browser by searching On the main dashboard, you will see “Login.” Clicking on it will direct you to the login page. 

Or click on the login page url; it will direct you to the same page.

Login to blooket account
Click on Login to login to blooket account
  • Step 2

You can log in to your account by using your Google account or with the email on which you created an account.

Login via Email

Enter your registered email or unique username you choose at the time of sign-up and the password. It will get you into your account dashboard.

Enter email and password to join blooket
Enter email address and password

Login Using Google Account

If you want to log in with a Google account, click on “ Sign in with Google” and enter the email and password of your Google account. But why do you go with this option? It is a quick, easy step if your Google account is logged in in the browser. Secondly, If you forget the blooket account username or password, it’s a good option. You can also recover your account password if you forget it.

What If You are a New User

If you are a newbie and interested in exploring blooket, so you have to sign up blooket account that follows the simple steps:

  • Click on will direct you to the official website.
  • At the top corner, go with the sign-up button.
  • Select sign up with a Google account or with email for your convenience.
  • Choose a unique user name and your role as a teacher or student. For more information about signing up on blooket, click here.
Blooket Login | How to login to blooket?
Step by step guide : How to Login to blooket account?

If you still confuse so watch video to solve your query.

Exploring Blooket

You can explore blooket by navigating, creating a question set, and customizing questions using visual media. Using different game modes will give you an amazing experience. Its tools will help you to add value to your content. Blooket has everything that helps you to improve your knowledge. It combines games with education to give a better experience.

Joining blooket Game after Login

Many wonder how to join the blooket game after login. It is simple: logging in to blooket will give you your dashboard access. In the right corner, you will see the “Play” button go with it. Put game ID and have fun!

You can also join Blooket without having your account by simply tapping on the link. Now enter the joining ID and enjoy blooket interesting features.


Blooket login gives access to learning with fun that empowers user skills by covering different subjects. It creates an interesting environment for their users to embark on a journey of knowledge. Students and mentors love it because it helps them utilize tools and helping adds to provide and learn better and easily.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, you can log in to blooket on different devices, mobile phones, laptops, ipad, etc., becuase of its flexibility and user-friendly interface.

You can switch the blooket account type from teacher to student or student to teacher by following the steps below:

  • Login to your blooket account. At the top left corner, you will see your user name; hover on it and click on settings.
  • Now change your account to “Switch to Student Layout” or “Switch to Teacher Layout. accordingly

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