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Are you curious about Blooket packs? Blooket is a captivative learning platform that offers a variety of packs. Each pack has features that make it special. 

Packs are small boxes in Blooket that you can purchase from the Market with coins earned from playing Blooket. Opening these packs gives you blooks. The themes of the packs are different, making them unique. Here, I will give you complete Guide about Blooket packs, so let’s start!

What are Blooket Packs?

In the booklet, you can learn education by playing different game modes. On correct answering, you earn coins. You can purchase blooket packs, packets in which there are blooks, from the blooket market. There are many packs in blooket, each one different from the others because of its unique theme.

You can get blooks after joining by buying packs, or you can also knock some rare blooks during the game. Blooks are icons, such as Lucky Frog, Rainbow Astronaut, Legendary Blook, etc. Some rare blooks can be unlocked during the game. Here, we will discuss different blooket packs one by one. Stay tuned with us!

Blooket All Packs

Dino Pack

This pack also uses animal themes, unlike other packs based on dinosaurs. The Deceptive Dinos game modes use almost all of its blooks. Tyrannosaurus Rex is the rarest look, with a drop rate of 0.03%. Other looks in the box are Amber, Stegosaurus, Dinosaur eggs, and Triceratops.

Blooks of Blooket Dino Pack

Outback Pack

The theme comes from animals found in Australia. Teal Platypus, with a 0.03% drop rate, is the chroma of the rare blook Plytypus. Sugar Glider has a drop rate of 0.37%. The Outback Pack has more blooks, including Joey, Platypus, Koala, Kangaroo, Crocodile, etc.

Blooket Outback Pack

Pirate Pack

Pirate Pufferfish is the rarest chroma of Pufferfish blook in it with a drop rate of 0.03%. Its theme is based on the pirate region. Pirate ships, Kraken, Captain Blackbeard, etc; books belong to it.

Blooks of Booket Pirate Pack

Blooket Space Pack

Space boxes using a space theme are really interesting. The rare blook in it is Coloured Astroaunats having a drop rate of 0.05%. UFO, Planet, Meteor, Alien, Spaceship etc, are object found in space are blooks of Space Pack.

Blooks of Blooket Space Pack

Breakfast Pack

You can get a pizza blook in this pack, which has a drop rate of 2%. As the name suggests, its theme is breakfast. Its looks include breakfast items like toast, orange juice, milk waffles, etc.

Blooks of Blooket Breakfast Pack

Medieval Pack

Its theme is based on a fantasy landscape inspired by the medieval period. You can purchase this box by paying for a token. It includes 10 books. One is the rarest book, called King, with a 1% drop rate. Jaster, Unicorn, Dragon Queen etc are it blooks.

Blooks of Blooket Medieval Pack

Wonderland Pack

It is inspired by a novel and has an interactive theme. Its blooks are amazing, with the rarest blook, King of Heart, having a drop rate of 0.03%. Participate with full concentration to earn tokens to get the King of Heart blook and other blooks like Mad Hatter, Alice, Dormouse, Queen of Heart, etc.

Blooks of Blooket Wonderland Pack

Aquatic Pack

This pack features a water animal theme. You can obtain it by paying a small amount of the points you earned during the game. The two rarest looks in it are Baby Shark, with a drop rate of .05%, and Megalodon, with a drop rate of 0.02%. You also get some of these looks as a bonus during the fishing frenzy game.

Blooks of Blooket Aquatic Pack

Bot Pack

It is specifically designed for the Crypto Hack game mode, using the theme of crypto hacking. It has blooks for lil bot, lovely bot, happy bot, angry bot, etc. You can purchase it in the Blooket market by paying a little bit. With a 0.03% drop rate, Mega bot is the rarest blook in it.

Blooks of blooket bot pack

Ice Monster Pack

Frozen fossils and Ice Crabs were the rarest blooks in it, with drop rates of 0.05% and 0.02%, respectively. The theme of the ice animal living in the oceans was used in the Ice Monster Pack. Ice bats, ice Bugs, Ice Elements, etc., are well-known looks.

Blooks of Ice monster pack

Safari Pack

The Safari Pack theme is designed for forest animals, which are not included in the Forest Animal Pack. Lion, with a drop rate of 0.05%, and Rainbow Panda, with a drop rate of .02%, are the rare blooks. Lion, Peacock, zebra, and panda are blooks in this pack.

Blooks of Blooket Safari Pack

Note: Chromas are blooks that appear with different colour variations. As Teal Playtypus is chroma of rare blook Playtypus

Blooket Free Packs

Blooket has various packs which you can buy with your earned token during the game. Here are some packs that blook you can use freely:

Farm Animal Pack

It’s free and can be found in the Blooket market. The theme was designed around animals. You can find chicks, Goats, cows, Sheep, etc., here.

Blooks of Farm animal pack

Arctic Animal Pack

Walrus, Penguins, Snowy Owls, etc, are blooks you can find in this pack. The theme is designed for animals in the Arctic area. Its good option for those students who love sea creatures and want to explore more.

Blooks of Arctic Animal Pack

Pet Pack

If you want to choose your favourite pet character in Blooket, so you go to Pet Pack. It’s a free box where you can select a Dog, Cat, Puppy, Kitten, etc.

Blooks of Pet Pack

Forest Animal Pack

You can get all the looks without paying any token. Its theme is designed around Forest animals and includes looks like bears, foxes, squirrels, etc.

Blooks of Forest animal Pack

Tropical Animal Pack

Its theme is inspired by wild animal ideas. Blooklike Tiger, Macaws, Hippo, Snake, etc., can be found in tropical Animal Pack.

Blooks of Tropical Animal Pack

Blooket Seasonal Packs

On special occasions, the Blooket offers seasonal packs, which add value to learning through their theme designed according to that specific period. Spooky Pack, Lovely Pack, Lucky Pack, Spring Box, etc., are boxes available at festivals. These packs include different chromas and rare books. If you want to know about seasonal packs, click here.

Special Blook Pack (Color Pack)

Colour Pack is a secret pack in Blooket that can usually not be accessed. It can be used when the mentor hosts the game and if players reach more than blooks. It offers 21 different colours, and white is not included.

Blooks of Blooket Coloured Pack

How to See Blooket Pack Contents?

Quite easy, by following three simple steps you can view blooket pack content:

  • Sign in to your Blooket account and click on the market in the dashboard.
  • Choose the blook you want to buy.
  • You see the Question Mark; hover on it, and you see all the blooks in that pack with their rarity, i.e., rare, common, uncommon, legendary, chromas, etc.

Be happy now you have successfully viewed blooks of packs.


In short, you can unlock blooket boxes with your performance during the game to get coins. Unlocking these packs with tokens you earned helps you get the rarest looks and chromas, which develop your confidence. It encourages students to be knowledgeable and unlock these rarest looks and chromas to become smart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Color Pack is a Secret Pack in the Blooket that can be accessed when the player becomes more than blooks. Normally, you can’t see it. It has 21 colours, but the white colour has not been added yet.

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